Meet Bella

Our Creative Director

Isabella Queen was founded by Isabelle Ugochukwu in 2014. Since then, she has been IQ’s Creative Director and oversees all the collections in addition to the image and the evolution of IQ’s legacy.

French born and British educated, Isabelle has an international perspective on Britishness and British culture. Based in London from where she designs, her collections reference the diversity, history, drama and creativity of the city and its people while also embracing IQ’s iconic and much-loved heritage spirit and English country roots.

A student of both Science and Design, Isabelle’s fascination with architecture and mathematics is as much a part of her design ethos as her passion for colour and illustration. Her philosophy, shaped by over a decade of business experience, is to create beautiful and practical objects with elegant structure and stylish design, for sophisticated women who seek out quality and uniqueness – accessories that are made to be worn and made to last. For Isabelle, the validity and the true beauty of a product comes from its functionality.

Attention to detail is important to me. From design through to wear, the care that has been put into the design, and the beauty of the product, must be immediately visible.

Isabelle’s global upbringing and close-knit family have made her a strong believer in community. The IQ family is unique in that it is truly global with team members from many different countries, all united by their passion to champion British luxury leather accessories manufacture.